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Good accounting leads to good outcomes and bad accounting leads to bad outcomes. You may be unaware of your financial blind spots and lulled into thinking that your accounting is adequate when it is not.  If so, you may be following unprofitable and risky business practices which cause you a lot of pain and imperil your businesses.  As your finance coach, Robert will hand you best in class financial strategies and practices.

Robert spent his first 8 years as a CPA auditor, followed by 22 years as a controller and CFO of several public and private companies. Since then, Robert has helped hundreds of companies of all sizes and industries conquer their financial problems. He has coached their CEO’s, mentored their staff and fixed their capital structures and financial practices.

Why Robert Band?


  • Instantly, he will know what holes exist in your financial management and what you must do to plug them

  • He’s helped hundreds of CEO’s straighten out their accounting and finances

  • He has 38 years as a business finance expert

  • He has a unique way of simplifying accounting for CEO’s and their staff

  • His clients know he's highly trustworthy and honest and cares about their success


Prior to engaging Robert, our accounting processes were lacking significantly. He took our accounting, which is complex, to another level and helped me sleep better knowing it was rock solid. He found a great bookkeeper and accounting firm for us, implemented necessary accounting policies, made our books audit-ready, designed our KPI dashboard, and created a valuable cash flow projection model. He added so much value to our company and by guiding me, made me a better CEO.

Jamie Rosenberg


When I met Robert, I was in a bind. My industry and business had changed and I needed help sorting out what to do about it. He analyzed my financials and zeroed in on my main issues. He educated me on my numbers, which my CPA of many years had not done, and showed me how to solve my problems. I wish I had met him years ago because I would have avoided costly mistakes.

Hye Blinder


After consulting with Robert regarding our accounting department’s processes and organization, he helped us think through restructuring key functions, while enhancing controls and productivity. His broad experience and contacts have and continue to provide us with tremendous value, and he genuinely cares about our company’s success. I highly recommend him. 

Jorge Herrera


Tel: 305-467-5909 I

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