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Your Food or Your Life?

Remember the robber in the movies who pointed his gun at his victim and said, “Your money or your life”? Of course, you’d give the money...

How I Reinvented At 60

Are you living the life you want to live?  Or is life scooping you up like a ski lift and taking you where it wants to take you?  Molding...

Would You Say Something?

When you give of yourself, expecting nothing in return, you still would appreciate a thank you, right? But what if your recurring acts...

Are You Preparing Yourself For AI?

Are you learning about how artificial intelligence (AI) will affect you? And reinventing yourself or your business before it gets here?

How I Made My Client $40 Million

My client received an offer to sell his company. Here’s how my advice made him an extra $40 million and what a part-time CFO can do for you.

How i made a client $9 million

Here's how this CFO made his client $9 million and avoid costly litigation through good financial analysis and by being detail oriented.

Can We Move Beyond Ghosting?

We’ve all had it happen to us. People going silent on us, not wanting to hurt our feelings by telling us that they want to go in a differ...

Follow Your Numbers And You Cannot Fail

Are you terrified of failing as a business leader? If so, I have good news for you. If you’ve accurately identified a need in the market an

How To Manage Your Accounts Receivable

Is your accounts receivable showing a lot of past due invoices? Accounts receivable collections are vital to cash flow, so reviewing your...

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