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Robert Band uses his cool and hip, salsa dancing, un-accountant delivery to bring the financial side of business alive. He awakens in his audience a desire to learn how simple financial concepts can catapult their annual earnings and business valuation and remove one of their major stressors, their finances.


Robert uses games and other interactive fun to edu-tain attendees. Everyone knows they need to master financial concepts but not everyone loves numbers. He uses stories, games, and dancing like a defibrillator to capture their attention and change their financial mindset.


He just might be the next great comics superhero. As Numbers Man, he presses on fighting the forces of poor financial management. He catches falling business leaders in mid-air and delivers them safely to the rooftop of their dreams.  


Robert Band is the financial “voice” who’s telling business owners what they need to know and he’ll have them dancing out the door motivated to use what they just learned.

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Tel: 305-467-5909 I

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